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Enhance your intuition.

Hannah Walker

28 Aug 2023

Let's talk intuition

The Growth of Spirituality.. why?

Spirituality is growing at a faster rate than ever before. As I have mentioned in a previous article the world is moving to a higher level of consciousness. The earth is going through a transformative time and the energies are a little up and down right now which a lot of people are feeling. You may be feeling more tired than usual or may have been experiencing sleepless nights? You may have noticed a shift in friendship groups or family?

There are numerous reasons for the growth in spirituality and I feel this is due to social media. We are all a lot more connected now than prior to social media existing. Spirituality is talked about and practised a lot more which is increasing the number of people wanting to tap into their intuition and psychic abilities. There seems to be an enhanced growth in people looking to integrate holistic healing and spirituality into their every day lives.

There are a few things that you can try which are mentioned below.

Things you can do to increase your intuition

Trust your intuition or psychic abilities - now this might sound really simple that trusting your intuition increases your intuition, but in actual fact it does. When you trust yourself and give yourself permission to trust the messages you receive your intuition or psychic abilities will grow stronger. Don’t doubt the messages you get!

Practice using your intuition or psychic abilities - practising with your intuition and psychic messages that you receive is one of the strongest ways that you can increase your psychic ability and also the quality of the messages too. The more you practice alongside trusting the messages, the stronger you will become.

There are in fact other things that you can try such as courses or researching online to gain further understanding and knowledge in this area.

Crystals Some crystals such as Selentite, Agate and Lapis Lazuli help to increase your intuition and psychic abilities. Although you don't need to spend a fortune on crystals, trying tip 1 & 2 work very well but if you're wanting to try other tools maybe grab yourself a couple of crystals to work with.

Keep in your notes for future reference and to be updated on upcoming courses.

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Psychic Hannah Walker is an international Psychic who was born with a soul purpose to help others connect to their loved ones, deliver psychic messages and guidance. Hannah can be found at A personal message from Hannah “I would just like to say a special thank you to both my beautiful children who have supported me and encouraged me to help guide others around the world, for it is them I owe everything too.”

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