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Are you an empath?

Hannah Walker

12 Nov 2023

Let's talk empathy.

Are you an empath?

An empath is someone that is strongly attuned to the emotions and feelings of people around them which may even include animals.

Here are 9 signs below that will help you determine whether or not you are an empath:


1.      You have a strong intuition when it comes to other people such as when they need help, are feeling sad or angry. You may even feel a person’s distress as though it were happening to you.

2.      You are easily overwhelmed by crowds..

3.      You enjoy being in nature over busy places.

4.     Friends may have told you that you are over emotional or hypersensitive.

5.     You tend to avoid conflict.

6.     You are able to relate to other people’s emotions even if you have never experienced anything similar.

7.      Your friends come to you to talk about their problems.

8.     You care about what others are experiencing and your first instinct is to always help them to ease their distress.

9.     You are naturally drawn to jobs that help other people such as social work, nursing etc…


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