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Are you Psychic? The world is awakening ... Have you felt it?

Hannah Walker

5 Aug 2023

Let's talk awakenings.

Are you Psychic? The world is awakening ... Have you felt it?


The earth is going through a transformative time and the energies are a little up and down right now which a lot of people are feeling. You may be feeling more tired than usual or may have been experiencing sleepless nights? You may have noticed a shift in friendship groups or family? Or you may have had a U turn in your life through either career or love that you didn’t foresee….

Through this energetic shift may actually be realising that the things you thought once mattered, don’t, and are starting to open up to new ideas.

The earth is going through a major transformational shift right now and more and more people are awakening and when I say awakening, I simply mean that people's perceptions are changing on a mass level. People are moving to a higher level of consciousness and a lot more people are turning to spirituality such as tarot, mediumship, or healing as part of their life’s journey. This is happening on a collective level and may even be the reason why you're reading this magazine right now. Know that everything is divinely guided and that you are exactly where you were supposed to be.

It’s important to look after yourself through this energetic shift so I’ve mentioned in below some tips to promote positive mental well-being.

Tips for your Mental Health this month….

It’s even more so important that you look after your mind, body, and spirit around this time as the energies are intense. Here are some things for you to try this month. Mindfulness is talked about widely, but what is it? Mindfulness allows us to be aware of our thoughts, feelings and emotions which helps us connect to our higher self and Meditation and journaling I find are incredibly positive for just that. Find yourself a quiet space this month and have a go at a quick meditation and journal with some relaxing music and see how you feel. When you are doing these be aware of your thoughts but try not to focus on them, just allow them to pass by. This is also incredibly grounding for your energy, and you may feel lighter after trying this.


Psychic Hannah Walker is an international Psychic who was born with a soul purpose to help others connect to their loved ones, deliver psychic messages and guidance. Hannah can be found at

A personal message from Hannah “I would just like to say a special thank you to both my beautiful children who have supported me and encouraged me to help guide others around the world, for it is them I owe everything too.”

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