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How to ground your energy

Hannah Walker

13 Sept 2023

Tips for grounding.

How to ground your energy


Grounding your energy is important and there are many ways in which we can ground our energy. Otherwise known as Earthing, earthing is easy to do and often promotes rapid results. Earthing our connection is important to promote healthy mind, body, and soul.  I have noted some of the ways we can ground our energy below.

1.Meditation – meditation is a very simple, free, yet effective way of grounding your energy. By taking some time to let go of your thoughts and centreing yourself can do you the world of good.

2. Soil- Might sound crazy but walking bare foot and getting your feet into soil is one of the quickest ways to ground your energy.

3. Journalling – Journaling is great for releasing emotions and things we are holding onto but also helps us to ground our energy by bringing our awareness to our thoughts, behaviour, situations and and emotions

4. Nature – Getting out in nature can help relax out minds, release stress and help to ground our energy.

5.  Food – The food we eat plays a vital role in the majority of things in our life such as mood, weight and health but the food we eat can also help to ground our energy such as eating fruits, vegetables and even organic foods, yum.

Now this is just some of the ways we can ground our energy, you may find other ways useful to ground your energy. I’d love to hear how you ground your energy. Do let me know via email at


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