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Let's talk about Twin Flames.

Hannah Walker

1 Aug 2023

Twin Flame Connections

This month I wanted to talk about twin flame connections.

What does it mean to have a twin flame?

A twin flame connection is considered to be one of the intense and life teaching relationships of all and can bring about a world wind of change and emotions. It is said to be one of the most powerful soul experiences someone can incur. One of the main features of a twin flame connection is that it is both healing and challenging. Twin flame connections can be incredibly complex so here is 4 signs below to look out for:


4 possible signs you’ve met your twin flame:

1.     Mirror reflection

A twin flame is usually a mirror reflection of ourselves. Now I don't mean mirror reflection in a sense of a physical appearance, I mean more on a deeper energetic and soul level. A twin flame connection usually mirrors us and shows us our deepest fears shadows and insecurities. Further to this, a twin flame may trigger you in some way and through this process brings about change and healing. Now speaking from experience, I don't want somebody reading this accepting a toxic relationship and confusing it for a twin flame connection. If you feel that a connection is toxic and is not serving a purpose to your life than it is highly unlikely that it is a twin flame connection, and I would advise you to take some time to reflect on the steps you may need to take in order to bring about balance back into your life.

2.     A connection that brings you both back together

The energy of a twin flame connection can be quite intense, as one person runs the other chases, and it is simply because they are the other half of your soul. It can be tiring at times but though this stage growth appears for both people involved. You may change job, house, or something else major in your life. A twin flame connection isn’t all sunshine and daisies as they can be challenging at times dependant on what stage of the process you are at.

3.     Psychic Connection

You may more than likely feel the other one’s energy when you are not around for example, their feelings, emptions and/or thoughts. You may even be able to communicate on a telepathic level as this is quite common in twin flame connections.

4.     An intense feeling or connection

Sometimes referred to as “feeling like home” twin flames can make you feel a sense of belonging and recognition and this is simply because they are the other half of your soul. You will usually feel a sense of familiarity when around your twin flame (that’s if you’re not in the running stage of the process and are not actually speaking at this time). Within a twin flame connection there is an intense emotional charge present which usually leads to an intense and passionate connection which you will feel very connected on a soul level like no other. However please do not mistake a twin flame connection with a toxic abusive relationship, a twin flame connection should not be abusive or toxic. Do not accept what is less than you deserve


How can a psychic help with a twin flame connection?

As a psychic myself I know that Twin flame connections are widely spoken about and are often confusing and complex and that is why I wanted to write this article. A reading can sometimes help you navigate through some challenges providing guidance and answers into what could be done or how the connection may pan out in the future..

Now I also want to add that if you are reading this and you feel you have not come across your twin flame yet don’t panic. Check out my Facebook via www to see more information.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this article x

Love from

Hannah xx

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Psychic Hannah Walker is an international Psychic who was born with a soul purpose to help others connect to their loved ones, deliver psychic messages and guidance. Hannah can be found at

A personal message from Hannah “I would just like to say a special thank you to both my beautiful children who have supported me and encouraged me to help guide others around the world, for it is them I owe everything too.”

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