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Signs that your loved ones are around

Hannah Walker

6 Sept 2023

Spirit Signs

Are your loved ones around you?

Spirit leave us signs in many ways and each sign is personable to us so a sign that you receive from your loved ones in spirit may be totally different to what another person receives. Here I have listed below some signs you may receive from your loved ones in spirit. You may be needing to know that your loved ones are around you, you may be going through a difficult period in your life, or you may have called out and tried to reach your loved ones. Whatever the reason know that our soul lives on. Here are some signs below which you may have noticed.

Signs your loved ones are around you…

1.     Blown lightbulbs – Aside any electrical faults etc spirit can easily manipulate electricity such as making the lights flicker, blowing the lights bulbs or disturbing televisions.

2.     Dreams – If you can remember your dreams, you may remember seeing your loved one in spirit in last night’s dream. When we sleep our subconscious mind takes over and we are more relaxed. It is easier for spirit to communicate with us when we are relaxed and in a dream state. You may wake up thinking it was just a dream, but you may have been visited by your loved one. Watch out for what they say and any advice that comes through within the dream.

3.     Clouds and Rainbow’s – Have you ever looked up at the sky and swore that you have seen your loved one’s face within the clouds, or have you just seen a rainbow randomly when you have been asking for a sign from spirit and the angels, then there might just be a message in this for you.

4.     Feeling a presence or hearing your name being called -   Now aside from any medical conditions such as schizophrenia etc you may have felt in a presence in your home or may have heard your name being called. Animals may also react to things that are not visible to the human eye. Have you looked and there’s no one there then this may be your loved ones trying to say hello and that they are ok.

5.     Coins – Do you keep finding coins in random places? There may be a message within this, you may be being called upon by your guides and spirit to look after your money or to see your worth. Look out for patterns of when and where you are finding money and also if there is anything significant on the coin itself such as the date or picture.

6.     Songs – Has your tv or radio ever randomly switched to play a song or programme that your loved one used to love or one that was played a funeral. Have you been asking for a sign, and do you keep hearing their song on repeat in shops and stores then this may be a sign that your loved one in spirit is trying to communicate with you.

Let me know if you have seen or experienced any of these signs or if you have experienced something different.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this month’s article. If you have any suggestions for any further articles that you may want me to discuss, please email

Love from

Hannah xx



Psychic Hannah Walker is an international Psychic who was born with a soul purpose to help others connect to their loved ones, deliver psychic messages and guidance. Hannah can be found on Facebook at

A personal message from Hannah “I would just like to say a special thank you to both my beautiful children who have supported me and encouraged me to help guide others around the world, for it is them I owe everything too.”

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