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What is a soul mate?

Hannah Walker

5 Feb 2024

Lets talk soul mates.

What is a Soul Mate?



A soul mate is someone who can and has a lasting impact on your life and is someone who you share a deep connection with. A soul mate is someone who helps you grow beyond the limitations of yourself.  


Soul mates aren’t always a romantic partner, but they certainly can be. A soul mate connection is someone who you feel strongly drawn too and feel connected to, however not in a needy or codependent way.


A soul mate connection shares a healthy balance where both parties’ needs are equally met. Furthermore, a soul mate connection challenges you to become the best version of yourself.

It is important to remember that a soul mate connection is not a codependent connection and one where you can flourish, grow and challenge yourself.


Usually, there is a deep inner knowing with a soul mate connection, a sense that you’ve met before or where you just instantaneously click.


Signs to look out for if you feel you’ve met you soul mate.


·       You care about their well-being.


·       Your confidence increases.


·       They give you a sense of calm.


·       They’re your best friend.


·       Being with them feels like home.


·       You respect each other-


·       You share the same life goals.


·       You challenge each other.


·       You feel yourself around them.


·       You balance each other out.


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Hannah xx

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