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What is a spiritual Awakening?

Hannah Walker

19 Jan 2024

Lets talk awakenings...

What is a spiritual awakening?

So, what is a spiritual awakening ….

A spiritual awakening involves a shift in consciousness. A shift in consciousness is usually where one recognises a deeper understanding and connection with the universe and your soul. A spiritual awakening brings about a deeper connection to the divine and involves having a deeper understanding of life. The timing of a spiritual awakening can vary and can last from weeks, months to years. During a spiritual awakening you may experience symptoms which may vary.

Some of the symptoms are listed below (List not exhaustive):

·       A heightened level of intuition

·       Increased level of empathy and sensitivity

·       A deepening level of self-honesty

·       Reevaluated beliefs

·       Deja-Vu

·       Vivid dreams

·       Heightened creativity


A spiritual awakening can be life changing and challenging as one that is experiencing an awakening is forced to look at their values, beliefs, and perceptions of the world around them. An awakening can be triggered by a major life event, spiritual practices, spontaneously or simply a conversation with a friend.

However, although and awakening can shift one’s life it is also a beautiful experience receiving a deeper level of clarity and awareness of the world and oneself. As one’s direction and purpose becomes clearer throughout an awakening one starts to develop a deeper connection to the spiritual realm, others and oneself.


Let me know if you this resonates with you and if you have experienced anything different?

I hope you’ve enjoyed this month’s article.

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Love from

Hannah xx



Psychic Hannah Walker is an international Psychic who was born with a soul purpose to help others connect to their loved ones, deliver psychic messages and guidance. Hannah can be found on Facebook at

A personal message from Hannah “I would just like to say a special thank you to both my beautiful children who have supported me and encouraged me to help guide others around the world, for it is them I owe everything too.”

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